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Paracord paradise!

Hey everyone

It's not been so long since I started this journey. But it feels like ages since I wrote that last blogpost. And I have something to tell you about, a new discovery!


It's paracord! So, what's paracord?
Paracord is a rope that has a core of usually seven cords with a mantle of nylon. It was used in WO II by parachutists. They cut off the ropes of their parachutes to use for many other things. Nowadays, it's used for military purposes, survival, or just for fashion.
It comes in different sizes, but the most common is the 550 type III. And that's the size I've been working with this past week. And I absolutely love it! At this moment I'm trying to combine different colours to see what will be best for you.

I'm soon getting a new order in and I am so excited to try new knotting techniques. And oh, I had to restrain myself not to buy too much. So many different colours! I'm in paracord paradise! Just too much to choose from. Maybe you can help me find the perfect colours. Send me an email with your favourite colour or keep an eye on my facebook page and I will request for your help!

But, it's not all paradise.....
I do find that sizing isn't that easy. The bracelets are quite stiff, so your usual bracelet size doesn't always seem to be the best size.
So I made a decision. I'm not going to sell these bracelets online. This is because I want you to be absolutely happy with your purchase.

And here is my Paracord special!
Host one of my home parties, try out your size, choose a colour and I will make your bracelet that very evening. Find out everything on the homeparty page or send me a message through the contact page.

I'd love to hear from you.


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